**Psst... check out the new platen in the photos at the bottom!**

What makes the Jiffy so special? Well, aside from the whole amazing multi-purpose sander of the future thing?

  • Built by a craftsman for a craftsman.
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • AKGrinders utilizes local businesses where possible.

There are also lots of quality features packed into the Jiffy itself.

  • Abec3+ bearings spin forever.And ever. And ever....
  • All threads into aluminum are Heli-coiled for long life.
  • Lathe turned axles help keep wheels true and tracking smooth.
  • 78A Durometer wheels allow smooth grinding on the wheel itself.

Why the Jiffy?

Get yours today!


  • What comes in the box?

  • You will receive the unit shown in the two pictures to the left. One conversion attachment, clamping plate with bolts, and (1) 2x48 belt to get started.
  • What is the Big Wheel for?
  • The Big Wheel is a 3.3" contact wheel that allows for working directly on the wheel. While both wheels are a medium density polyurethane, the larger wheel gives a bit flatter surface to work on, and more options for sanding inside larger curves. Click the dropdown menu above the "Buy Now" button to upgrade.
  • What is required for mounting?
  • You will need a drill and 1/4" drill bit, about 1' of electrical tape or similar, and a way to tighten (2) 7/16 head nuts/bolts. In use, you may occasionally have use for an Allen wrench to tighten the nuts for the tilting feature.

Package Options

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Finally! A product that will let you turn that old, slow 4x36 belt sander into an easy to use, cheap to feed belt sander of the future.

  • Tired of paying big bucks for poor quality sanding belts?
  • Wish you could keep a variety of grits on hand for wood and metal?
  • Want the great form factor and access of a professional 2x72 sander/grinder?

I did too. Like everyone else, I looked for a way to build or buy an inexpensive grinder to run the low cost/high quality belts that the professional machines used, but there was just no way. The inexpensive machines were limited on power or access to the sanding surface, and the professional models were professionally priced. What to do?

I have the pleasure of introducing you to the new "Jiffy" belt sander conversion. Utilizing either 1x42 or 2x48 belts with a multi-use sanding platform, your old sander can now use a whole new world of sanding belts, grits, and flexible backings. Best of all, these belts can last over 50% longer, and can cost less than $1 each! Take a look at the videos to see what you can no longer live without!


Click a Pic to see it full size! 4x36 belt sander not included...